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You Might Not Have the Full Story on Renewable Energy

I share the following documentary, a popular one, to go into more detail about the past, present and possible future of renewable energy. It’s made by vpro – and yes, they have a bias just like everyone else.

But their research is solid and it’s worth bringing these things up for debate.

Why Simpler Is Better for Baby Onesies

There shouldn’t be a lot of thought that has to go into buying a onesie. For most parents, the only questions they have are whether it will fit their baby and if they like the color or style. However, there are some other things that parents should think about, and one of the keys to making the baby comfortable in a onesie is to keep things simple.

onesies that are stylishThere isn’t any need for bows, ribbons, buckles, decorative buttons, iron-ons and other accents. The simpler the onesie is, the more likely that baby will be comfortable in it. Complicated onesies may look cute, but they can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Babies need gentle things touching their skin, not hard buttons, scratchy tags or unnecessary straps and ribbons. Too often, parents consider whether an outfit is cute first of all and neglect to consider whether it is going to be comfortable for their child.

The child can hardly protest eloquently, so parents have to know ahead of time if the baby onesies they are planning to buy are going to be right for their baby or not. It’s best to keep the purchase as simple as they can and just go for a plain onesie that zips or snaps all the way down.

Anything ornate is not only unnecessary, but it can also be harmful to the child, and parents need to realize that. Simpler onesies also mean that the parent will be more easily able to change the baby out of their clothes and take the onesie on and off for a diaper change. These may seem like minor issues, but they can become important to the parent when they are out and about with the child and need to change a diaper or an outfit.

If a onesie is complex, parents may struggle to put it on or take it off the baby, and that can frustrate and irritate the child as well as the parent. To cut down on frustration, parents need to choose simpler outfits and try to find clothes that will be functional and comfortable.

Parents can find a wide range of baby onesies at websites like onesies for babies and compare their options to find the perfect choice for their baby. They can also spend as much time as they want shopping online to make sure they are happy with their purchasing decision. That may be the best way to go for choosy parents.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkalinized Water?

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkalinized Water?

While the cost of ionizing water to make it more alkaline can be high, there are also several benefits to putting drinking water through this process. Many consumers are still unaware of how alkalinity and acidity can affect their water and what it does to them.

A water’s pH level determines how acidic the water is. Typical tap water and bottled water is supposed to be about on the middle of the scale between acidic and alkaline, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the water is more acidic, depending on where a person lives or where the water is sourced.

The water can also be alkaline if it comes from a spring or stream. Water tends to be more alkaline when it passes over rocks and picks up minerals. Those minerals provide a lot of the primary alkaline water benefits. Of course, some benefits come from simply not drinking water that is as acidic, since acidic water can cause health problems or simply prevent outstanding health.
Alkaline water can make people look and feel more youthful, boosting their immunity and digestive systems and allowing them to lose weight by improving their metabolism. Many people actually recommend alkaline water for weight loss.

One of the other alkaline water benefits is that this water is a natural antioxidant. It helps to purify skin and the immune system, making those who drink it look more healthy, youthful and vibrant.

It’s also very hydrating, and many people swear by how refreshed and energized it makes them feel. They say they don’t have to drink as much to quench their thirst and that they fell like they retain water better throughout the day when they drink alkaline.

There are plenty of machines that can be used to alkalize water. These ionizers come in a lot of different varieties and offer various features and benefits that can make it easy to get alkaline water at any time. Consumers can use sites like alkaline water benefits to read reviews on these machines and to find out which ionizer will be right for them. There are lots of options for those who are interested in making their water more alkaline, and it is important that consu