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You Might Not Have the Full Story on Renewable Energy

I share the following documentary, a popular one, to go into more detail about the past, present and possible future of renewable energy. It’s made by vpro – and yes, they have a bias just like everyone else.

But their research is solid and it’s worth bringing these things up for debate.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Guide

Laminate flooring is a very practical alternative to wood and other flooring materials, especially with the huge variety of attractive patterns and surfaces available. Easy care and maintenance are among its major draws. Cleaning laminate floors is easy, as long as homeowners follow a few simple tips. If you use the right products and take steps to avoid excess dust and dirt build-up, your laminate floors should look lovely for years.

Laminate Floor

The floor mat will trap a huge amount of dirt and keep it from getting to the floors in the first place. Shake out the rug frequently. You will see just how much has been trapped and kept from getting to the floors. This one step could reduce cleaning time greatly. Also, avoid wearing shoes with sharp heel and keep your pets’ toenails clipped. Laminate floors can scratch but this can be prevented by using common sense.

In spite of your best efforts, cleaning laminate floors will be require – as do all floors – from time to time. Try to use products which do not leave excess moisture, as the additional moisture could cause some swelling. If water is used to wipe away a stain, make sure you wipe the floor dry and there shouldn’t be a problem.

It is best to use specific product made for cleaning laminate floors and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Sometimes it may be necessary to clean the entire floor. Here are the steps to take:

1. Gather your materials. For cleaning laminate floors, these should include a vacuum, a mop, lint free cloths and a cleaning solution. Choose a cleaning solution that is specially made for your laminate flooring. Most floor installers will recommend a specific product such as Bona or Pergo when installing the floor. Others recommend vinegar and water.

2. Dust the room first. Use a lint free cloth which attracts dust. Be sure the room has been swept first and pick up any large pieces of paper, debris, etc. If necessary, use a vacuum with a brush attachment and make sure the attachment is soft and won’t scratch the flooring. Before cleaning laminate floors, start from the top of the room and clean windows, shelves and other areas where dust settles (no point in cleaning your floor if dust will fall on it immediately afterwards). Once the dust and debris is off the walls and floor, the major work is done. This preliminary work should not have taken long.

3. Next step in cleaning laminate floors is to mop the floor, using your mop and the cleaning solution. Follow the “grain” of the flooring, mopping or wiping gently, to leave a streak-free shine. While laminate flooring is not a true wood product, it may resemble wood and it is best to mop in the direction of the grain. Work slowly and carefully, using the minimum amount of moisture needed to clean the floor. It is best to start in a corner of the room furthest from the door and work back to the doorway, making sure the entire room’s floor is cleaned. While you are mopping, inspect the floor carefully to make sure that all unsightly stains are removed properly.

4. Make sure you don’t leave the floor wet after you are done mopping. You can use a dry clean cloth to dry the floor.

As an alternative to the steps above, consider also using a modern electric steam mop for cleaning laminate floors. The good thing about a steam mop is that it cleans using only steam without any chemicals, and it does not leave watery residues behind. So it really is a convenient piece of equipment.

Easy cleaning and practicality make laminate flooring a popular and sensible choice for the modern home.

How to Find the Best Military Watch

How to Find the Best Military Watch

There will always be people who won’t be happy until they have the best of the best. This is so true of many outdoors people, and many of them want the highest quality camping and hunting gear. They want to be able to trust the gear they bring with them and to feel confident knowing that it won’t break down, wear out quickly or cause them problems when they are outdoors.

They know that when they are on an extended camping trip, taking a hike down treacherous mountain paths or chasing elusive prey that they need equipment they can count on, which is why they want only the best military watch to keep them company on their outdoor journeys.

Finding the best one is a matter of reading reviews, doing research, comparing specs and getting information on the top watches on the market. Military watches are a different beast from their more conventional counterparts. Their primary function is to be incredibly durable and functional in all conditions, and the discerning consumers is going to check for those qualities above everything else.

One of the best ways to determine which is the best military watch for them is to read reviews that others have written. These can tell them about people’s experiences with these watches and how they performed. However, reviews are not the only way consumers can tell if a watch is of good quality.

They can also do their shopping on sites that they know provide high quality equipment, such as best military watch. They can also learn about what to expect from the highest quality military watches and set their own standards for functionality and performance. They should not compromise just because they see a good sale. When they are outside alone, cut off from all other human contact, they are going to want a high-quality watch that won’t fail on them. It will be worth the extra money it takes to get a high-quality product.

Consumers should take their time in choosing the right watch. They don’t want to rush in and end up regretting their purchasing decision later, so they should use all the resources available to them and set their standards very high to ensure that they are happy with the watch they have chosen.

Why Simpler Is Better for Baby Onesies

There shouldn’t be a lot of thought that has to go into buying a onesie. For most parents, the only questions they have are whether it will fit their baby and if they like the color or style. However, there are some other things that parents should think about, and one of the keys to making the baby comfortable in a onesie is to keep things simple.

onesies that are stylishThere isn’t any need for bows, ribbons, buckles, decorative buttons, iron-ons and other accents. The simpler the onesie is, the more likely that baby will be comfortable in it. Complicated onesies may look cute, but they can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Babies need gentle things touching their skin, not hard buttons, scratchy tags or unnecessary straps and ribbons. Too often, parents consider whether an outfit is cute first of all and neglect to consider whether it is going to be comfortable for their child.

The child can hardly protest eloquently, so parents have to know ahead of time if the baby onesies they are planning to buy are going to be right for their baby or not. It’s best to keep the purchase as simple as they can and just go for a plain onesie that zips or snaps all the way down.

Anything ornate is not only unnecessary, but it can also be harmful to the child, and parents need to realize that. Simpler onesies also mean that the parent will be more easily able to change the baby out of their clothes and take the onesie on and off for a diaper change. These may seem like minor issues, but they can become important to the parent when they are out and about with the child and need to change a diaper or an outfit.

If a onesie is complex, parents may struggle to put it on or take it off the baby, and that can frustrate and irritate the child as well as the parent. To cut down on frustration, parents need to choose simpler outfits and try to find clothes that will be functional and comfortable.

Parents can find a wide range of baby onesies at websites like onesies for babies and compare their options to find the perfect choice for their baby. They can also spend as much time as they want shopping online to make sure they are happy with their purchasing decision. That may be the best way to go for choosy parents.