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Factors to Consider When Protecting a Phone Screen.
The smartphone per day is spent on it at an average time of 3.5 hours and 4.5 hours dedicated to screen time a day by the top 20% of smartphone users. Social media and personal use are not the only reason as to why people use smartphones as they also get to do business, day and night with them. When the phone screen cracks it can make people have a panicked feeling in their gut because of this. People get to pick up their phones at an average times of 58 times a day and hence there is a lot of potential moments for the phone to fall and have their screen crack.
A screen protector has to be bought if a person wants their screen to be protected. Most of the screen protectors are usually transparent and most brands usually sell them in packs of two hence a person can be assured to have a backup. In order to protect the phone, it is good for a person to get a durable case. Investing in a full body case that will get to protect all the phone corners is best even if a person is opting for a phone case that is cheaper. Dedicating a place to keep the phone so that it can stay dry such a bag, briefcase or waterproof phone bag is important.
A person that wants to protect their phone should get a phone dock for beside their bed because when they put the phone on the same safe place every night it will be protected. The phone will not be accidentally pushed behind the bed when a person gets a call in the middle of the night as they will know where it is. Having a phone dock for the car is also good as a person will get to follow directions without jeopardizing everyone else on the road and it will also prevent the phone from being dropped or sliding around the car. For one to clean their phones properly they have to use microfiber or wipes that are specifically for cleaning screens.
It is also good for a person to get to buy a strap for their case or buy a case with a strap since it will provide added protection to stop a person from dropping it when they are holding it. Getting phone insurance also for the phone is crucial as a person might find they need to use it. Adding more money to insure a phone when a person is buying a phone is vital because when the need arises, a person will be safe.