Digital Drawing For Students

Digital Drawing For Students

Tablet for drawing for students  – What tools do you need for digital drawing? Questions like this are often asked by friends who want to start digital drawing using a computer.

For that, in this article, I will discuss and share a little experience and also the techniques I use in digital drawing on the computer.

Straight to,

The tools used for digital drawing are as follows:

• Tablet/PicassoTab XL. Portable Drawing Tablet

• Computer or laptop

• Etc

Well, this is the point you need to prepare if you want to draw digitally.

When we draw digitally, of course, we will save more time and money compared to the traditional way (manual drawing on paper/canvas).

We no longer need to buy ink and color paint for drawing. Because we use computers, all the available color palettes are very complete and can be used without any limitations of course.

If there are errors during the drawing process, or there are parts that we want to revise, it will be easier to fix. We just need to use the Undo and Redo features in the application to return it to its original condition or vice versa.

We can adjust the size, print, or display it on various media more easily.

This is inversely proportional to the traditional way of drawing, whether it’s drawing or painting.

We need more money to buy ink and color paint. In addition, we also have to be very careful to minimize errors in the drawing.

Indeed, everyone has their own choice. Drawing with traditional methods does have its sensation for some people. However, on the other hand, drawing with the digital method will become a necessity along with the times.

Well, those are some of the reasons why digital drawing on a computer will save you more time and money.

Tools Used For Digital Drawing

We will discuss one by one the function of each of these tools. Please read until the end of the article!

Tablet/PicassoTab XL. Portable Drawing Tablet

The PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet is a tool used for digital drawing without the need for a computer to work. Using the PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet, what we write can immediately appear on the monitor screen.

So the function seems to be the same as when we draw on paper.

The more we press the pen, the thicker the line will be. Vice versa.

Usually, there are 4 levels of pressure (pen pressure) on pen tablets sold in the market. That is:

• Pen pressure 1042

• Pen pressure 2048

• Pen pressure 4096

• Pen pressure 8192

The higher the pressure level, the higher the sensitivity of the pen tablet. The price is of course also more expensive.

In practice, there really won’t be much difference. Usually, professionals use a pen tablet with a pressure level of 8192.

However, from my experience. Level 4096 is still quite comfortable to use, it can even produce images that are just as good.

The bigger the pen tablet size and the more shortcut keys, the more expensive it will usually be.

For those whose budget is limited. You can choose the PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet as an alternative, even though the sensations and features that we will get are certainly different.

The famous drawing tablet used for digital drawing today is the PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet. For cheap tablet recommendations for digital drawing as an alternative.

Can You Produce Great Drawings with Just a PicassoTab XL Portable Drawing Tablet?

So, don’t be discouraged if you have a limited budget. The answer is ABSOLUTELY CAN!

The good news, regardless of the price, is basically the function of the pen tablet is the same.

So you can still produce works with images that are just as good as a pro. Even just using a tablet.

It’s just that when you use a tablet, you will not get the convenience of the many shortcut keys to speed up your drawing process.

So, when it comes to the prices of tablets and computers, what makes the difference is the convenience and pleasant sensation offered by each price range offered.

But again, in the end, all of them can still produce the same good work.

Computer (Desktop PC or Laptop)

We can already draw digitally via smartphone because the application itself is already available here.

However, the drawing process is less comfortable because smartphone screens are generally smaller.

So for a better experience, computer devices such as desktop PCs or laptops are still the main choice.

Another reason is that the application on the computer is the most complete version compared to other platforms. So that we can enjoy all its features here.

What kind of computer specifications can be used for digital drawing?

4 GB of RAM can already be used for digital drawing. But when we draw, usually will use many layers in the application. So we need more RAM so it doesn’t lag.

So at least we use a minimum of 8 GB of RAM for graphic design needs like this.

It is more recommended to use 16 GB or more.

The price of computer processors is getting cheaper nowadays, and the choices are also quite a lot. Even with a cheap budget, we can already assemble a PC for simple graphic design needs for digital drawing.

In 2022, you might be able to look at the processor from AMD Ryzen if you want to assemble a graphic design PC at a low price.

As the monitor must be with good color accuracy, the function of the monitor to display images is an important thing that you need to pay attention to.

For that, choose a monitor with a good level of color accuracy with a sharp image display. Because the process you draw and how the results will also be determined by the monitor you are using.

Don’t let the time you’re drawing on the computer, the picture is according to what you want. But when it’s finished and you open it via a smartphone, it turns out that the color is very different.

Recommended, choose a computer monitor with an IPS panel. Because this type of panel is best used for graphic design and digital drawing needs. Usually, a monitor that is devoted to drawing needs has an sRGB color gamut specification with a percentage of numbers above 100%.

You can read an article I’ve written about how to choose the best monitor for the graphic design below: