But then how might one see “all the kingdoms of the world? Those on the back hemisphere would remain hidden. The subsequent passages ought to remove this confusion. According to the Scriptures, from a very high spot one may see the whole earth such that nothing would be hidden. Such a factor isn’t potential with a spherical earth as the other side cannot be seen immediately. On the other side of the geocentric coin, if the sun strikes then the earth should not move. There are a couple of passages which more-or-less forbid the motion of the earth. The solar and moon stood nonetheless of their habitation at the gentle of thine arrows as they sped, on the flash of thy glittering spear.

Every astronomer knows that real orbital paths of planetary bodies are wavy in form, about the central body’s path. Yet everyone insists on describing a planetary orbit as circular/elliptical path across the central body. What is described in this manner are the apparent orbits, which we observe.

Fashionable Geocentrism

You need to separate out little-g geocentrism as a frame of reference in physics (like saying “The Sun rose”) versus capital-G Geocentrism which is that the Earth is the middle of the Universe as a result of the Bible says so. The former is completely nice in limited cases , however the latter is provably mistaken. Isaac Newton was one of the first scientists to discover gravity. He understood that the Moon circles the Earth because a force is pulling the Moon toward Earth’s middle. Without that pressure, the Moon would proceed shifting in a straight line off into area. Newton additionally got here to grasp that the identical pressure that retains the Moon in its orbit is similar pressure that causes objects on Earth to fall to the bottom.


The analogy applies only to the rotating aether envelope around the Earth. Each celestial object may be wrapped in its own aether envelope. I’m not sure what I was serious about since the earth’s bulge is static and can’t have anything to do with viscosity.

Jovian Planet Analysis Paper

Virtually all that we know of historical science and cosmology comes from the Greeks. A few decades after the demise of Copernicus, the situation had not changed a lot, so it is not surprising that such a good mathematician as Kepler spent a good deal of time calculating horoscopes. Apparently it has never occurred to Bouw that the rationale that Tycho was available to pursue astronomical measurements quite than produce horoscopes may have been the same purpose that he claimed that Copernicus had time to pursue other matters.