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Solving Anxiety Problems and Panic Attacks Using Some Simple but Vital Oils

The occurrence of panic attacks has been on the rise and seems to be increasing with every single day. Adverse and serious steps need to be taken so as to deal with this issue of panic attacks since they are becoming very serious. The symptoms of panic attacks include increase in heart rate, running out of breath and profuse sweating. At that moment when this is happening, it is so easy to feel that you have no control and just give in to the situation. Many people have sought medical attention and advice on how to deal with such situations and doctors have prescribed certain medications. Apart from just giving medicine, doctors of also tried to advise such people on how to address the agents that cause the attacks to happen. We still experience and come across cases of panic attacks even though doctors have given out medication and advice people on how to deal with the triggers. Another solution has been found in scents whereby individuals experience a change in their moods once they have inhaled the scents and therefore prevent attacks. There are a number of oils that have been used for this function and proven effective.

Among the many oils available, just mine is one of the most important when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety. You can easily tell jasmine from other oils because it is known to have a certain scent that is completely different. When people inhale the fragrance of jasmine, the effect is that there is general reduction in stress and the effect is almost immediate. You can either choose to rub the oil on your skin to relieve stress or you can take it in tea.

Another very essential oil is the bergamot which has been consider to be very effective in dealing with anxiety. Bergamot has a certain scent that is closely related to oranges and lemons. The most common use of bergamot has been in the making of sprays. Bergamot is a very essential oil that increases calmness and helping people to relax. Bergamot is therefore very essential as an oil by making people more relaxed and calmer thus dealing with the triggers that cause panic attacks and people.

The triggers that cause panic attacks and anxieties can also be reduced by using lavender. There are a number of items we use on our day to day life such as the lotions we use that have been made using lavender. Lavender has a very inviting scent which also has an effect of making one’s mood better. You can use lavender in bathing water or he can also apply to new skin.