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The Top Data Science Trends of 2019

The development of science has been witnessed to be fast evolving with the advancement of technology. Data science is very vital as most businesses depend on it for survival. With the help of data science businesses can improve a lot. Data analysis has become a big deal and every business out there has its own plans of making the best out the collected data. Many businesses have been seen to invest their resources in data science. The past years have experienced numerous data science trends. Read on to learn more about top data science trends of the year.

One of the most valued top data science trend is artificial intelligence. Data science has improved a lot. The improved processing speeds are to thank for the artificial intelligence. The functions of the AI systems are important in driverless cars. Access to information has increased with artificial intelligence systems. Reduction of costs has been eased with the AI systems.

On the other hand, the internet of things platform is a trend that has been witnessed across the technological space. The objects have own computer address. Animals and devices could be the said IoT networks. Communication has been made easy using the networks. Business decisions are made easy using the networks of IoT. With this in control, the creation of the IoT devices will enable the processing and collection of a large amount of data.

New cybersecurity challenges is a new trend promoted by the IoT networks. The data collection sources and the data itself is protected than in the process to prevent any unauthorized access. The collected information can be used to better the systems in a more complicit way. Future data hacking is also possible from this point to prevent the information from falling into the wrong hands. However, for maximized data collection and protection, the IoT devices have to function appropriately.

Advancement of data protection tools and automated programs has been realized to compete with the man’s job. Artificial intelligence systems are not to be in the worry list of any data expert. Similarly, edge computing was immensely growing until the emergence of the IoT systems which have taken over in the last years. Data analysis is also made easy in the process by taking care of the bandwidth problems. Therefore, it is true to say that data science is really imperative especially with the new century where most people prefer the internet.