This Autumn, Bring Summer Into Your Home

Homeowners tend to think about home improvement projects during the spring but there are advantages to upgrading now. Completing work now can save time and money as contractors are hungry for jobs and tend to have shorter wait lists. As leaves turn and temperatures dip, think of ways to bring summer into your home.

Sun Power

Install a solar power system new jersey to take advantage of tax incentives and save money on utility bills. You should be able to recover your investment when you sell and save money every year in the process. Meanwhile you will know you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help care for the planet.


Homeowners in cold climates have long understood the value of adding warmth to their homes. One way to do so is to install heated flooring, which is especially delightful in the bathroom. Sunrooms allow users to bask in warmth and light. Since they are basically living rooms encased in glass they give users the illusion of being outdoors while protecting them from the wind and cooler temperatures. Sunrooms can be heated in winter and cooled in summer if necessary to keep them comfortable throughout the year. Hot tubs and saunas bring therapeutic heat and can impart a spa feel when paired with towel warmers and aromatherapy diffusers.


For garden-fresh vegetables and flowers year-round, build a backyard greenhouse. They can have as large or small a footprint as you like and can even attach directly to your home for added protection from the elements. Construct your own for the greatest versatility: purchase plans then modify to suit your needs and desires. Materials are standard and can be easily acquired from your local home improvement store. For maximum ease, purchase a kit or ready-to-assemble model. Hire a professional to unpack and build it or grab some basic tools and complete the project yourself. Once the greenhouse is up you are a few short months away from savoring your own homegrown summer harvest.