Tips for building a resume

Tips for building a resume

Tips for building a resume

Highlighting achievements and qualifications – only the best

Here you can provide information about courses taken, trainings, certificates received and foreign language skills. You do not have to send all diplomas and certificates together with your CV. It is enough that they will be available for inspection during the interview. Students can post information about scholarships in which they have participated, activities in student unions, or charitable activities. This can be important because you are showing the employer our commitment and the skills gained through it.

However, you should never embellish your accomplishments or skills. Knowledge of foreign languages is very easy to check. And there is nothing worse than being caught in a lie. So you should only write things that set you apart and make you look good, things that will highlight your abilities and strengths.


It is worthwhile to have interesting interests. An employee with an interesting hobby can be seen as a more creative person. You should not fill the “Hobbies” column with phrases such as: movies, music, sports. Employers don’t say anything. Employers are more likely to pay attention to people with a broad outlook and interesting personality.

Office aesthetics

Perhaps this is a point that requires no comment. The resume should be clearly and aesthetically written. There should be no spelling errors, typos or colored fonts, embellishments, underlines, etc. The graphic design of your resume should be classic and elegant. Pay attention to appropriate text editing, alignment, boldness, and markers.

Spelling errors cannot be included on a resume under any circumstances!


Official vocabulary must be used. You should not use specialized (e.g., selective accreditation) or colloquial language. The rule of thumb for a good resume is that you should include as much information as possible with as few words as possible. You don’t need to write a short story from your application document.


It is worthwhile to use the references you receive. Such documents increase your evaluation and chances of employment. Then the employer can be sure that he accepts a proven person for the position. Such a document should come from our previous supervisors and contain contact information.

Appropriate attachment format

Resumes and other application documents should be sent in PDF format when emailed, as the .doc or .odt format may not be supported by the employer’s software. Be sure to include the job title and/or reference number in the header of the message. It is also a good idea to include a brief summary of the application for the position in the body of the email.

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