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Crucial Ways That Will Help You Prevent A Stroke

Stroke is the sudden loss of the proper function of the brain whereby blood supply is interrupted. A stroke is treated as a medical emergency. Elders in the nation are more prone to getting strokes. The risk factors affecting stroke occurrence can be controlled or managed. These ways can help you in reducing the risk of getting a stroke. You can find lifestyle changes that can be of great help to you. Find out the best ways that can help you prevent the occurrence of another stroke. Review the tips below to help you in avoiding a stroke from occurring.

Reduce blood pressure. The most known cause of stroke is high blood pressure. Maintain your blood pressure below 120/80. Visit a doctor to help you find out your level of blood pressure. If the blood pressure test results come back positive, you should reduce the salt intake to 1500mg or less. You should also exercise regularly and avoid high cholesterol foods. You should eat more fruits and vegetables.

Reduce the level of alcohol consumption you have. Alcohol intake is known to be disadvantageous to your health. Heavy drinking will increase your chances of getting a stroke. You are advised not to drink more than one drink in a day. Use red wine as a first option as it has resveratrol that may protect your heart. Plan to reduce the ratio of food that you take per meal. 1.5 ounces, 5 ounces and 12 ounces are the content of a hard alcoholic drink, a glass of wine and beer respectively.

If you are overweight or obese, plan to reduce your weight. You can find many reasons that may cause you to lose weight. When you are overweight, you risk having a stroke. Being obese can also cause high blood pressure, diabetes and they all play a significant role in creating a stroke. You will reduce your level of stroke when you lose weight. You can start from small lifestyle changes that help you lose weight. You may want to take the stairs or walk more to help reduce weight.

You should quit smoking to help you reduce weight. Smoking is a high risk of getting a stroke. Your blood thickens when you smoke, and this may lead to blood clots. Smoking is not easy to stop, and you should consider getting help from your doctor. Use the prescription drugs you get from your doctor. If quitting becomes a challenge, you should consider getting counselling so that you follow the right procedure in quitting smoking, for more info check out this post.

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